The researchers acknowledge the assistance provided for this research project and sincerely thank:

the NZTA for funding the project

the following organisation for access to specialist software

Citilabs UK, for use of Accession

the peer reviewers, for their critical and proactive comments as the draft reports were reviewed and amended

Tim Hughes, NZ Transport Agency

Graeme Belliss, NZ Transport Agency

Dr Darren Fidler, Sinclair Knight Merz

James Tinnion-Morgan, Sinclair Knight Merz

the steering group members, for their critical and proactive comments as the research progressed

Mike Calvert, Tauranga City Council (now retired)

Angela James, New Plymouth District Council

Andre Dantas, University of Canterbury (now Associação Nacional das Empresas de Transportes Urbanos, Brazil)

Fergus Tate, MWH Limited (now NZ Transport Agency)

Karen Witten, Massey University

Michael Fisher, Christchurch City Council (now University of Canterbury)

Pania Elliot, NZ Transport Agency (now Ministry of Education)

Michelle Lewis, NZ Transport Agency (now Kapiti Coast District Council)

supporters of the research methodology

Matt Barnes, NZ Transport Agency

Mark Edwards, NZ Transport Agency

Jacqueline Blake, NZ Transport Agency

Susan Chapman, NZ Transport Agency

facilitators that enabled drafting and refinement of this report

our editor, Heather Carew

our wives and families

The researchers would also like to make special mention to the wider research team and specifically Stacy Rendall, Paul Durdin, Ann-Marie Head, Reuben Williams, Kurt Janssen and Paul Barr of Abley Transportation Consultants, all of whom made a significant contribution to the outcomes of this research.

Steve Abley dedicates this research to Malcolm Douglass, who has given his professional career to creating stronger communities through better integrating transport and land use.