Government-owned data

Due to the nature and perceived benefits of measuring accessibility, it is expected the NZTA, as a central government organisation, will have a higher-level privilege and therefore be able to obtain essential data more easily. Several datasets already exist within central, regional and local government that will play an essential role in assessing accessibility.

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) maintains the core record system (CRS) for New Zealand property and land parcel information. The Ministry of Transport holds ongoing NZHTS data. The NZHTS data was supplied for use with this project.

Statistics New Zealand collects census data every five years but due to the Christchurch earthquake, the 2011 Census was cancelled and the next one will now be in 2013. Spatial boundaries including meshblock and area units are distributed within local and regional government boundaries. Statistics New Zealand distributes the demographic information related to these meshblocks through the delivery of census data.

The majority of localised data is collected through regional and local councils.