This website is a free resource for people seeking to better understand transport accessibility.  It explains how accessibility can fit into a policy structure to improve the overall effectiveness of a transport system and how accessibility can be measured.

This website is promoted by Abley Transportation Consultants (Abley) who were commissioned with Derek Halden of Derek Halden Consultancy (DHC) in the UK to undertake research.  The majority of this website contains information contained in New Zealand Transport Agency Research Report 512 'The New Zealand accessibility analysis methodology'. The Agency has kindly allowed the research report to be published here, in an easy to use format supplemented with links to other important information such as external references. Abley acknowledges and thanks the NZTA for its support. The Agency does not endorse this website and the original research report can be found on the NZTA website.

Abley welcomes your feedback on the topic of accessibility so this research remains current. Feedback can be provided via Steve Abley.