Human resources

The most common type of management structure in local councils is to have a specific GIS team working as a corporate service. Some large council departments such as transportation and asset management departments have their own dedicated GIS staff. Smaller councils are more likely to outsource complex GIS and customisation work. GIS staff numbers are generally related to the overall size of the council. Forty-two percent of the council responses indicated they have the ability to internally produce custom GIS applications.

It is common for councils to have a specific transport department. The size of transport departments is also a reflection of the overall size of each council. Transport staff numbers appear slightly higher than GIS staff. This result is not surprising given many small councils rely on external GIS consultants. Furthermore transport planning and management is a traditional council role and transport staff will often employ GIS concepts without the need for dedicated GIS staff members.

The survey responses highlighted a shortage in transportation staff and difficulty in filling vacant transport positions.