Land use data resources

An essential part of any GIS analysis project is to have accurate and up-to-date spatial data available. Data pertinent to this project can be categorised as either transport data or land use data.

Nationwide land use and transport data sets are either captured and periodically updated under contract to LINZ or are considered to be data products held (and sold) by private companies. Data available at a national level includes road centreline and cadastral data. Section 10.6 of this report discusses national datasets available from private companies and government organisations.

Several essential datasets needed for accessibility assessment are not held nationally, and are instead collected by regional and local councils. Locally collected data is not of consistent quality when compared across New Zealand because local councils have an assortment of priorities in both the collection and maintenance of data.

Ninety-four percent of councils have land use or land-zoning data sets. In reality, this number is likely to be slightly higher as many of the responses did not answer this particular question. Almost all councils indicated they hold land parcel data which is already available nationwide. Further to that, it is a requirement that all territorial authorities hold a district plan, of which a significant component includes land use planning.

Land use is an important base dataset for accessibility planning although additional datasets such as vacant land parcels and land activity will further improve accessibility assessments. These datasets provide a higher level of detail on activities and parcels of land that currently exist. Sixty percent of councils indicated that spatial data for vacant land is held and 56% indicated they hold land-activity data. Many comments were added to the survey responses concerning land information. Land parcels information was commonly mentioned as being LINZ CRS data and land use or zoning data was captured from the district plan. Vacant land data was often taken from councils’ rating information.