Metlink – Greater Wellington Regional Council

Wellington’s MetLink journey planning service provides all the core functions of journey planning and also allows selection of various transport modes. The website provides a list of suggested journey options after a request is made and requires users to then select a journey to view more details.

A modified version of the road centreline network is used as a walking network. This data has extra links added to allow for pedestrian access through public spaces. A walking network provides the advantage of reducing walking times where off-street routes are quicker and represents a real-world solution.

OD locations are not coded to the level of shop and services names as is Auckland’s system, although major landmark locations such as Frank Kitts Park and Te Papa are included. Therefore, when entering location information, users may have to remember street names.

Currently only the MetLink call centre has the ability for users to request journeys that include only vehicles with specific facilities (eg wheelchair accessible buses). This system is planned to be incorporated into the website. Website user accessibility for sight-impaired users is poor.

Note that the GWRC has launched a separate walking and cycling journey planner which is not included in this review (