NZ Transport Agency research report 512

Steve Abley
Abley Transportation Consultants Ltd (NZ)


Derek Halden

Derek Halden Consultancy Ltd (Scotland, UK)


NZ Transport Agency research report 512


ISBN 978-0-478-40717-4 (electronic)

ISSN 1173-3764 (electronic)


NZ Transport Agency

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Abley, S1 and D Halden2 (2013) The New Zealand accessibility analysis methodology. NZ Transport Agency research report 512. 182pp.

1Abley Transportation Consultants Ltd, PO Box 25 350, Christchurch 8144, New Zealand;

2Derek Halden Consultancy Ltd (UK), 2 Dean Path, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom EH4 3BA;


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Keywords: accessibility, cycling, GIS, indicators, journey planning, methodology, modelling, networks, New Zealand, public transport, transport, walking