Residential intensification

The mobility of users on foot from key locations to certain land uses in 5-minute and 10-minute bands was determined for Christchurch. This is an example of a simplistic step-wise indicator applied to walking. The land uses included:

·         regional centres

·         district centres

·         supermarkets/supermarket-based centres (if different from district centres)

·         suburban public transport interchanges

·         bus stops on high priority public transport routes and the Orbiter and Metrostar routes

·         high-amenity open spaces/recreation facilities such as Hagley Park

·         destination parks such as Halswell Domain, Barrington Park, and Burnside Park

·         primary schools

·         libraries

·         primary health-care facilities (GPs).

The intent of this study was to identify areas that are well supported in terms of walking facilities. The results enabled locations to be prioritised and informed the assessment of locations where residential development could be intensified. The assessment could have been extended to a composite style indicator allowing each key location to be easily compared against other locations.