Structure of this report

This report has been divided into three parts. Each part may interest a particular reader’s objective or focus although the authors encourage reading the report as a whole, given each part informs subsequent parts.

Each part concludes with a summary except Part 3, which contains a wider discussion and identifies conclusions and recommendations from the research as a whole.

The parts are:

1      An international perspective of accessibility assessment

This part identifies the key points to incorporating accessibility assessment into New Zealand policy and practice. It draws heavily on the experience of the UK and also Germany and The Netherlands.

2      New Zealand accessibility: practice and resources

This part places accessibility within the New Zealand context including the definition of new terminology, the relationship between traditional transport modelling and accessibility modelling and New Zealand’s experience with accessibility modelling so far.

3      New Zealand accessibility: modelling methodology

This part introduces a method for calculating accessibility taking into consideration New Zealand travel behaviour. This part also includes the overall discussion, conclusion and recommendations for the research.